To Secure Food Safety & Quality

Food Testing

The food industry has its fair share of unique regulations, challenges and opportunities, so we are dedicated to being proactive as well as responsive in order to keep quality products in play, and consumers safe. To serve a broad range of food industry clients, we have dedicated teams of microbiologists and nutritional chemists who understand the business and the demands it faces.

We leverage our team’s collective, professional insights and integrated service solutions to help your business perform at its best. Our customized testing and trusted data helps you manage risk, and make decisions at the right time for sourcing, production, marketing and distribution.

Single-source testing support from farm to fork.

Customized testing from raw, to finished and shipped.

Solutions for managing regulation, compliance and risk mitigation.

Food Industry Segments

From farm to fork, Microbac helps our clients manage food quality and safety risks to protect consumers and the brand. Industry expertise and analytical strength helps you evaluate your food safety and defense programs to identify gaps and help comply to new FSMA rules for Preventive Controls for Human and Pet Foods. As a single-source supplier for end-to-end food testing, we serve all industry segments with services to meet unique needs.


Food Manufacturers

We help you manage risk, validate incoming ingredients, validate process controls and support development of your environmental monitoring programs.  Getting your products to market safely is a priority for you, so we offer fast delivery of label claims, provide shelf life & challenge studies to finished product and lot testing for quality and safety. Keep your preventative posture with evaluation of preventive controls for process, food allergens, supply chain, and sanitation along with defined corrective measures.

Retail / Food Service

Your brand is your business, so we make it our priority to help build and keep consumer trust. Microbac partners to safeguard brand integrity through environmental monitoring, sanitation standard operating procedures (SSOPs) and corrective measures.

Farmers / Growers

From the ground-up, our food source requires meticulous protection. Our specialized team understands the growing, harvest, and packaging process and can design environmental monitoring programs in packaging plants/warehouses. And through shared best practices with our Environmental Testing, we test water quality, wastewater and pesticide residue.

Import / Export

Navigate the FDA detention process with greater ease and confidence. Trust our experienced team to guide you through the complications and regulations of import/export at all points of entry. Our diverse expertise covers every type of production, field sampling and contaminants-safety validation for all necessary filing.

Dietary Supplements

High quality analytical services for the dietary supplement, functional food and natural product industries are critical for ingredient and quality verification. Microbac's methods can be applied to ingredients, extracts, finished product samples and packaging. Our ISO accreditation provides manufacturers, processors, and packagers assurance the composition, identity, strength, quality, and purity of their products meets all safety regulations. 

Pet Food & Pet Treat Manufacturers

Protecting pets is protecting family. Assess quality and control risk through full-service safety, quality, “free-from” and in-depth package label (crude, supplements) claims. Our team works with you on Support for Preventive Controls and Corrective Action programs for FSMA compliance specific to pet foods.