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Microbac serves our clients with the utmost expertise and respect for their market requirements, constraints and challenges. We embody a company-wide commitment to exceptional customer experience, which has been refined over nearly 50 years of trusted, analytical and measurement services.

Through our network of laboratories, locations, and field services, we package comprehensive sets of solutions designed to flex and meet the unique requirements for each client, project and scope.

As a privately-held, third-party testing company, the Microbac team operates with a commitment to our clients’ safety, quality and compliance objectives. Our diverse work portfolio includes broad accreditation offerings and tested insights across the environmental, food, and life science markets.



Microbac serves clients invested in safety, quality and compliance standards or industry regulations for product quality, brand protection, consumer safety and environmental impact.

Our laboratory teams customize chemistry, microbiology, molecular and physical testing packages to suit the specific requirements of our clients’ industries. We have an established concentration in the food, environmental, life sciences and specialty product/materials markets.

A unique, single-source approach is streamlined for efficiency and simplified procurement. Clients count on our knowledge of and sensitivity to their specific industry demands and business challenges. We put shared, cross-industry best practices to work to deliver best practices and timely, quality data to drive decisions.

Safety, quality and analytical testing for food, dietary supplements, pet food.

Safety, quality, efficacy and stability quality testing for personal care, medical, packaged goods.

Full-service compliance testing for water, air, soil, solids, waste.

Safety, performance and stability testing for industrial materials, consumer products, biofuels.

Services Introduction

As a single-source supplier, our microbiology and chemistry packages can be customized to suit the specific requirements of the food, environmental, life sciences (medical and personal care) and speciality (materials and product performance) fields. Our testing services are designed to meet the demands of specific outcomes our clients require. From R&D, to packaging and consumer claims; and from the safety of natural resources to the integrity thresholds of product performance, our quality data is delivered at the right time to help make decisions and move business forward.

Safe Drinking Water

Confirm your drinking water is lead-free.

Diverse Technical Expertise

FSMA - Are you prepared?

Understand the final rule for "Preventive Controls for Human Food" and more.

Shared Best Practices Between Industries

Radiochemistry testing

A single-source solution for all your environmental compliance needs.

Quality of Data Supported by National and state accreditations

Dietary Supplements

Purity of ingredients builds consumer trust.

flexible service & custom solutions for unique needs

Antimicrobial Disinfectant Claims

Efficacy testing services for disinfectants and antiseptics.